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Welcome to the SCALES pages of Guitar Tuition.
The first scale we'll have a look at is
E minor pentatonic .
It uses 5 (penta) notes (tonic).
The notes are:    
E    G    A    B    D


E minor pentatonic

L.H.F = Left Hand Fingering

E minor pentatonic - descending.
Start on the open 1st(E) string.
Play each fretted and open string clearly with down strokes.

1E   ----0------------------------------------------------------
2B   --------3----0---------------------------------------------
3G   ------------------2----0-----------------------------------
4D   ----------------------------2----0-------------------------
5A   ---------------------------------------2----0--------------
6E   --------------------------------------------------3----0---

E minor pentatonic - ascending.
Start with the open 6th (E) string.
Play each note clearly with down strokes as above.

1E   ---------------------------------------------------------0-------------
2B   ----------------------------------------------0----3-------------------
3G   -----------------------------------0----2------------------------------
4D   ------------------------0----2-----------------------------------------
5A   -------------0----2----------------------------------------------------
6E   ---0----3--------------------------------------------------------------

Try some major scales such as C major or A major.
Click on the choices above.
Scales will help you develop your all round guitar playing technique
as well as being invaluable in areas such as composing your own tunes, working out song chords
& improvising solos.

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