If you would like to buy a quality new set of strings for your electric guitar,
I have the Ernie Ball range at only £4 a set. The average shop price for
these strings is between £5.50 & £6.50 a set.
Please email me if you would like to buy any strings or
let me know at school during your guitar lesson.

To start with it's probably best to put gauge 9 - 42 strings on your guitar.
9 gauge being string 1 (E) & 42 being string 6 (E - thickest).
These are excellent all round strings with very good tone and playability.
I use this gauge on my Stratocaster as standard.
Tonally they are excellent and very good for string bends!

Later you might try gauge 10 sets or even 11's - but they are all different and have their pro's and con's.
Try different makes and gauges.

The thicker the string the bigger the tone but there is a trade off in playability.
You can buy "hybrid" sets with say "heavier bottoms" and "skinnier tops"
meaning the 3 bass strings are thicker and the 3 treble strings skinnier
compared to standard stringing.

You'll get a better idea which make & gauge you prefer as you go along.
Strings to try are Ernie Ball, Fender, D'Addario, DR and others.

An excellent web site to browse
to get an idea on the many different types of strings is:

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