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Welcome to the Q'sOA section - otherwise known as FAQ's !


Q. Well by far the most common question of all is, "How often should I change my strings?"

A. There is no straight answer to this one! Basically it depends how often you play your guitar.
The more you play the quicker the strings will wear, lose their intonation and become, well, a bit grungy !
Generally look to change your strings at least every 2 months or so.

If you play in a band always put on a new set at least a few days before you play to give the strings & guitar neck
time to settle.

A sure sign generally that strings need replacing is when you have difficulty tuning the guitar - chords sound 'out' &
the guitar generally sounds 'out of tune'

The sound of a new set of strings is terrific - a lot of guitarists prefer the sound as the strings 'bed - in'

Q.  What books do you recommend to study guitar?

A. I think the best thing here is to go to a good music shop and have a look through the many guitar tuition books
on the shelves. Find one that you like. Many come with CD's that will provide backing tracks and demonstrations
of the chords & music to practise. The Plymouth Music Shop is an excellent local shop for music books and
tuition CD's and videos.

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