Electric Bass Tablature [Tab]
is a brilliant  way of learning bass lines.
Below is an explanation of how to use it.

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The 4 lines below represent the 4 strings of your bass guitar.
The tablature bottom line, E4 is the top string on your bass.
"0" on the line means you play the string "open"
So you would play 4 open E4 notes before playing 4 open A3 notes
and then 4 open D2 notes followed finally by 4 open G1 notes.

G1   ----------------------------------------------------------------------0----0----0----0----
D2   ------------------------------------------------0----0----0----0--------------------------
A3   --------------------------0----0----0----0------------------------------------------------
E4   ----0----0----0----0-----------------------------------------------------------------------

At this point use your thumb or a plectrum to sound each open string
During your lessons all ways of sounding the notes will be learnt.
A popular technique is to use the index and the  middle finger alternately
when sounding notes - this is known as a rest stroke.
The fretting hand holds down the notes just behind the frets with the tips of the fingers.

In the TAB below you play the open E4 string twice and then sound the
notes at the 2nd fret and then the 3rd fret on the same string. [E4]
Use your 2nd finger of your fretting hand to play the 2nd fret note and your
3rd finger to play the 3rd fret note.

G1   --------------------------------------------------------------------------
D2   -----------------------------------------------------------------------
A3   -------------------------------------------------------------------------
E4   ----0----0----2---3------------------------------------------------------------