I'll be adding more here later - meantime practise lots of chords.
Play each chord slowly across all 6 (or 5) strings.
Sound each note clearly and let the chord ring (sustain).

Practise putting chords together - progressions.
Choose two chords, say C and Am and play 4 slow down strokes on C,
then change to Am playing another 4 down strokes.

Don't over practise - if you feel tired, best not to play the guitar.
If you become bored, move on to some thing else.


When practising a pattern, riff, scale, lick or tune, always play the notes through slowly,
sounding each one clearly and giving each note its full value.

When practising a new scale or tune it is a good idea to use down strokes until you
become used to the phrasing and left hand fingering.
Next add alternate picking, down stroke followed by upstroke of the plectrum (pick).

Practise chord progressions in free time, that means don't restrict yourself by playing to a metronome, at least to start with.
Just strum through the chords slowly and in your own time.

c am
dm g

Play the chords above slowly with down strokes
C / / / Am / / / Dm / / / G / / /

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