Power Chords
These chords are really common in modern rock guitar.
Play them tight and controlled
and don't let any of those open strings sound!
Try them with palm muting.
Keep the fretting hand wrist nicely arched and relaxed.
Please ask during your Guitar Lesson if you're not too sure.
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Above is the Power Chord "G5"
It consists of Root note and 5th [G & D]
It is a common sound in modern rock guitar.
This one is at the 3rd fret.
You only play strings 6E & 5A.
Don't let the other strings sound.
Slide this shape to the 5th fret and you have the new Power Chord of "A5" and so on.
This is another way of playing
"G5" Power Chord

This one has three notes, G, D & Octave G, played with the 4th finger.


Power Chord "C5",
played on the strings 5A & 4D.
The Root note [C] and 5th [G] are used to
produce another powerful sound.
Slide this shape two frets so your finger 1 is at the 5th fret
and finger 3 at the 7th fret
and you have the Power Chord "D5"

Another way of playing "C5"
As with "G5" above, you add an Octave C
played with the 4th finger.
Move this shape to the 2nd fret
and you have the Power Chord "B5"
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