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Hi - this page shows you 4 superb patterns to learn at the 3rd fret.
The numbers refer to your left hand fingers.

G minor pentatonic is a great all purpose pattern to practise.
You can make up your own tunes and riffs with it and use it to improvise.

Don't forget it starts at the 3rd fret with finger 1.


The G Blues is only one note different to the top pattern, G minor pentatonic.
This is a very expressive pattern to practise and will be invaluable to your guitar playing.

G major scale is another must learn pattern across the fretboard.
Great for writing your own tunes and improvising.

G minor scale has a more melancholy feel than the G major above.
Once again it's a  crucial scale to learn!

Don't forget! - All these patterns are moveable. For example,  play any of the patterns above starting at the 5th fret and you have a scale in A.
So play G blues pattern at the 5th fret and it is now A blues.
Play  G major pattern at the 8th fret and you have a C major pattern.....

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