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Looking After Your Guitar(s)!

My 3 main guitars,
Classical, Fender Stratocaster
& Epiphone Les Paul Standard


Always be careful where you "lean" your guitar - it's often safer for you to
lie it flat on the floor before it gets there by itself - with expensive results!
If you are travelling with your guitar treat it to a good gig bag or case.
It'll save on the inevitable knocks, scars and war wounds - for the guitar that is.
Buy a good guitar stand for it.
Be aware that the guitar when horizontal is wider than you.
Mind that doorway if you intend to go through it!
Wipe the strings with a cotton cloth after a lengthy practise session.
They'll last and sound better longer.
Regularly wipe down the back of the neck and clean the body with a cotton duster.
Avoid polishes and sprays.

I'll add some more Guitar TLC tips later

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