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This section will help you better understand transposition (changing the key of a song or melody)
So if you learn a song in say the key of C major, you'll be able to transpose it to another key,
for example to the key of G major or D major.
Why is it  important? Scroll on.......!

First of all.... the most important keys and their chords to learn as a guitarist are:
C major,  G major,  D major,  A major,  E major.
They are often referred to as the "guitaristic" keys.
Thousands of songs are written for guitar in these keys.

Each key contains 7 basic triad chords.

So the key of A major has the following chords:

A        Bm        C#m        D        E        F#m        G#dim       A
I         IIm        IIIm        IV       V        IVm        VIIdim

We'll change a simple chord progression in A major to the same progression in C major.
They will "sound" the same but be in another key - C major.

A song in A major that used the following chord progression:

A / / / C#m / / / D / / / E / / /

using Roman numerals would be shown:

I / / / IIIm / / / IV / / / V / / /

The key of C major has the following chords:

C        Dm        Em        F        G        Am        Bdim        C
I         IIm       IIIm      IV       V         VI         VIIdim

So the new progression in C major would be:

I / / /  IIIm / / / IV / / / V / / /
C / / / Em  / / /  F  / / /  G / / /

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