Welcome to the Improvisation Page.
On these pages  I'll be giving you some ideas on how to play solos
over chord progressions.

Once you have a basic understanding of how it all works,
you can start to develop your own ideas.
Practising improvising is a great way of improving your
guitar playing in every which way!

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Let's take a chord progression first of all...

C / / / Am / / / Dm / / / G7 / / /

This chord progression is in the key of C major.
All 4 chords are in the key of C major.
This is important to know for improvising.
So, you have to establish what key the chord progression (song / instrumental) is in

So, to improvise over the chord progression above,
you would choose the scale of C major.
The C major scale is: C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C
Check out C major patterns on the fretboard and with those notes
[Keep checking the "Patterns" pages]
you'll be able to improvise over the chord progression above.

It's a great idea to record several minutes of the chord progression
and then to practise improvising to it.
Or have a guitar / keyboard friend play the chords
while you experiment with improvising.
Take it in turns

The scale of C major would be used for improvising for any chord progression
in the key of C major.
The key of C major contains these 7 basic chords
C  Dm  Em  F  G  Am  Bdim

There are other chords in the key of C major, all based on those above.
For example Cmaj7    Dm7    Em7    Fmaj7    G7    Am7  and more!
You still use the C major scale to improvise over them!

For more valuable information, check the SCALES, PATTERNS & KEY
pages from the Homepage