Chords Used in Sunshine Of Your Love  -  Cream


  1. These chords are played after the main Riff
  2. The first chord is A and is played with a strong down up down rhythm stroke
  3. The chords C & G are played  with a solid down stroke
  4. Finish by strumming up and down on the A chord


e1 ----5-----5-----5-----------8------------3-----------------------------

b2 ----5-----5-----5-----------8------------3----------------------------

g3 ----6-----6-----6-----------9------------4---------------------------

d4 ----7-----7-----7-----------10-----------5----------------------

a5 ----7-----7-----7-----------10-----------5-----------------------

e6 ----5-----5-----5-----------8-------------3-------------------------

          A                               C                 G