Hello - I have prepared below an explanation of how a simple chord is constructed.
Generally a chord is 3 notes [Triad] or more.
There is however the popular "Power Chord" which at its basic
contains two notes [Root & 5th] and is neither major nor minor.

A "Triad" is a chord with 3 notes consisting of the
Root [1st note]
3rd note
5th note

So if we take a major scale like C major, we'll build a chord with "C" as the root:

C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C

C is the 1st note [Root]
E is the 3rd note &
G is the 5th note

and that's it, a simple 3 note chord, the C major triad,
using notes C, E & G

Have a look below at the C major chord.
It consists of the notes C, E & G
So across the 6 strings of the guitar you play an arrangement of those three notes only!


Using the C major scale you could construct another chord say starting on the "F" note.
"F"would now be the 1st note, "A" would be the 3rd & "C" would be the 5th

You  have now  built the chord of  "F Major" with notes F, A & C !


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