Blues Riff               Stevie Ray Vaughan Style



e1 -------------------------------------------------------------------

b2 -----------------------------------8---8---8---8-----------------

g3 -----------------------------------7---7---7---7-----------------

d4 -----------------------------------6---6---6---6-----------------

a5 ----2---2---5---5---6---6---7---7---7---7---7-----------------

e6 --------------------------------------------------------------------

The chord at the end of the riff is: E7#9

[the #9 is the "G" note played with the 4th finger on fret 8 string b2]

When you play this chord try it with the open "e6" string ringing too - also try letting the open "e1" ring/sustain....

The chord above is D7#9 - move the chord 2 frets so finger 2 is on the 7th fret and you have E7#9