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About Chords
This section will help you understand chords and their construction .

Your basic chord consists of 3 notes - the root, third and fifth - called a "triad"
So, if we take the scale of  C major as an example, we'll put
together the chord of C major.

C     D     E     F     G     A     B     C

The root note is C
The 3rd note from C is E
The 5th note from C is G

These 3 notes - C, E & G - sounded together produce the chord of C major.

Taking the scale of C major again, we'll build a chord with D as the root.

C     D     E     F     G     A     B     C

Now the root is D
The 3rd note from D is F
The 5th note from D is the A

These 3 notes - D, F & A - sounded together produce the chord of D minor.

If you built a chord on each of the notes in C major you would have 7 chords:

C major     C  E  G
D minor     D  F  A
E minor      E  G  B
F major      F  A  C
G major     G  B  D
A minor      A  C  E

B diminished (more later !)   B  D  F

These chords form the key of C major.
They are the basis for harmonising melodies & songs in that key.
See "Sessions" for more on this!

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